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The Look-out C.P. Waterman

The Look-out

C.P. Waterman

Published February 10th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Adults Only. Warning: this story is for over-18s only and contains elements which some people may find offensive. If you arent interested in golden showers or watersports, or arent curious about the fetish, dont buy or read this book.Pauline meets Jim at the annual company dance- after a little flirting they become horny and go to a derelict warehouse for some exploratory intimacy. Worried about getting caught by people wandering into the abandoned site, she asks Cosima - a co-worker - to come with them and stand as look-out while she is intimate with Jim. Cosima gets jealous and wants a slice of the action for herself, but Pauline is worried that she might steal Jim from her. What hold does Cosima have on Jim? And what happens when she starts to behave strangely, threatening to wreck the relationship between Pauline and Jim? Is there any hope for their future together? (10,000 words)SAMPLE EXTRACT:“Yes, I’ve heard about her job offer,” Andrew said when Pauline phoned him that evening. “And I’ll be glad to have her off my back.”“She hasn’t made up her mind to go yet. When I asked her about it, she said that she wasn’t sure. Apparently she’s met a guy and doesn’t want to leave him.”“Well, this is news. Then she won’t be pestering me again, whether she stays or goes. This calls for a celebration, Pauline.”“I thought for a minute that the guy she met might have been you. She wouldn’t tell me his name.”“No. You can breathe easy there. It’s not me. And I would never lie to you, Pauline. Can you hold on a minute? I can hear the door bell. It’s getting late, and I don’t know who’s calling at this time. I’ll just check the security monitor…. What the hell? It’s Cosima, standing on my doorstep. Looks like she’s carrying a bottle of wine. This is too much….”“Has she ever done this before?” Pauline asked.“She’s badgered me on the phone a few times, but I’ve usually hung up politely. She’s never turned up on my doorstep before. I’m not going to answer the door.”“She knows you’re in there.”“What do I tell her that’s going to make her go away?”“Tell her you’re entertaining me. I know it’s a lie. But in a way you are entertaining me, over the phone. Hang up, answer the door, and ring me straight back when she’s gone.”Pauline put down her phone and waited for him to call. After two minutes, she was still waiting. Relax, she told herself. Cosima’s just being difficult. She switched on the television to watch the news broadcast. After a while, she looked at her wristwatch- she reckoned that over five minutes had elapsed since she’d spoken to him. She wanted to ring him back, to find out what had happened. But, she reasoned, she would be no better than Cosima, who had pestered him so many times on the phone- he might think she, too, was being demanding or controlling. She decided to go to bed.As soon as she’d switched out the bedroom light and tried to get to sleep, she felt more awake than ever. She couldn’t spend the night with this uncertainty racing through her mind- she got up, made herself another drink, and began to watch a late-night movie on television. But the action couldn’t drag her mind away from Cosima, standing on Andrew’s doorstep with her bottle of wine. After an hour - by which time she had to admit that she had yawned so many times and had lost interest in the movie - she decided to get back to bed. And, within twenty minutes, she was sound asleep.She had a dream. She was back at the firm’s annual dance, and had stepped out with Andrew for a little intimacy- they returned to the deserted warehouse once more, where - to their surprise - Cosima was waiting for them.