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The 12 Days of Yule Shanddaramon

The 12 Days of Yule


Published December 1st 2008
ISBN : 9780615264653
36 pages
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 About the Book 

A very short book (10 pages ebook, 36 print), with only one activity describing a simple, nice idea to celebrate the Yule (season of the longest night/shortest day).Im glad this book was free, because it is, like, 10 pages, and most of that is just repeated text since they are just listing the ritual of the candles which is a repetitive, recursive ritual. (It would be like calling The Twelve Days of Christmas a 90 line song, even though it is just 13 lines repeated to various degrees).If you were led to believe, like I was, that there would be more than one idea in this book, you will be sadly disappointed. In retrospect, it does say Activity Book not Activities Book, although there are many childrens activity books out there and 99% of the ones I have seen have more than one activity - these are children, after all, with their short attention spans and constant quest for new ideas!Ordinarily I would give something like this 2 stars, because it is not much of a book. However, the activity itself is a nice one, and I will be incorporating it into my celebrations of the Yule, so I am glad I read it, although if it wasnt free I might not be so glad.Warning: I see the print version being sold in places for over $15. From the look inside previews offered on book sites, the only difference I can see is that it is prettier, the font is bigger so there are more pages and a sentence takes up a whole page, and it has blank pages where you can write down your thoughts as part of the activity. If I had bought that one this would be a 1 star review! (Which raises the question: should the price of a book affect a review? Discuss.)